Производственная компания "ДЕЛЬТА"
Москва 3-й Нижнелихоборский пр., д.1А, стр.6, офис 211.
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About company

The company begins its history in 2009. We started as a design bureau of non-standard equipment. This was possible due to the team of engineers with fundamental knowledge obtained in one of Russia’s best technical universities – Bauman Moscow State University. We were dealing with any design development, from the design of parts, components and equipment to automated parking facilities and buildings. Quite quickly, we understood the need for reliable partners for parts manufacture, assemblies and various designs, because customers wanted to receive a finished product, not just documentation. All the necessary partnerships have been established, and we have started to perform works on the manufacture of equipment and small metal structures in addition to design work. This continued until, on the recommendation of our customer, one of the car factories placed an order for designing, manufacturing and assembling an automated conveyor line for moving the car bodies. By that time, we had accumulated a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing conveyor equipment, which allowed us to receive an order for the whole range of works. To fulfill this work, we organized our own production with all the necessary technological equipment. Also assembly teams of electricians and submachine gunners and mechanics were formed. Since that moment, we have finally determined the direction in which we work today. These are conveyor systems and automation of production processes.

At the moment we offer a line of our own conveyor equipment and lifting mechanisms, as well as designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment for specific production tasks. We carry out works for development and implementation of production automation systems on a “turn-key” basis. Since recently, we have been actively developing the direction of "production robotization".

Since 2013, we are the official partner of ABB in the field of robotics, which allowed us to train our specialists and carry out projects for the supply of robotic complexes for various purposes (packaging, cutting, welding, fur processing, stamping, etc.). Today, DELTA Production Company has its own design department, production, high-quality assembly teams of mechanics and submachine gunners, as well as dozens of successfully executed projects and satisfied customers. Come to us and become one of our satisfied customers.

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