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Own production base, complete with necessary equipment and own design department with highly qualified engineering team, allows us to solve unique problems in the production of technological equipment of any level. Our engineers and designers are able to quickly design and develop constructions of any complexity and will prepare a full package of technical documentation for manufacturing and installation. During design we carry out 3D modeling together with all necessary strength and process calculations. Our company has a division dealing with design of buildings and metal structures.

Our production facilities enable to perform a complete production cycle: from procurement operations to assembly and painting. Having an established logistics department, we provide our clients with optimal transport conditions for delivery of products throughout Russia. It also allows us to purchase the necessary components in the shortest time and at the lowest prices.

Our production capacities allow to:

  • Produce any mechanical and thermal treatment
  • High quality welding of black, stainless steels and aluminum
  • Cutting sheet metal in plasma cutting plants
  • Cutting and bending sheet metal
  • Powder coating

Our production facilities are located in the vicinity of Moscow, 20 km from MKAD on the Shchelkovo highway, in the town of Shchyolkovo, allowing you to minimize time spent on transportation of manufactured products. This ensures high quality workmanship gor the manufactured equipment, designs and tooling.

In the Contacts section you will be able to find the map and directions to our production base.

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