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Production tooling

Production tooling is a set of adaptations of machine-building equipment necessary for the performance of appropriate technological operations. Production tooling for presses will be stamps, for foundry machines - molds, for metalworking machines - metal cutting tools and machine tools.


In our company you can order manufacturing of industrial equipment for various production processes. We produce accessories for both basic technological processes and dies for the manufacture of small series of parts. We are engaged in full-cycle metalworking, so here you can order not only the manufacture of metal hardware, but also the application of protective coating, decoration and other operations.


The manufacturing process of the tooling consists of the following stages:

  • Elaboration of technical assignments by DELTA specialists, if the customer does not have his own.
  • Coordination, signing of contracts for the supply of technological equipment.
  • Development of the technical equipment project.
  • Approval of the project snap.
  • Signing of acts on samples of manufactured technical equipment.
  • Upgrade and finalization of tooling if necessary.
  • Supply of technological equipment to the customer.
  • Acceptance of the production tooling installed on the customer's equipment.
  • Signing of acceptance certificates for equipment.

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