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DELTA Production Company works in the field of projects development, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, as well as repair of technological equipment for automated production lines since 2009. Our own production base allows us to produce the specified equipment and conduct the testing of its new samples in a short time.


Products of DELTA Production Company include a wide range of technological equipment:

  • Conveyor equipment
  • Lifting equipment
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Non-standard technological equipment

Serial production, manufactured by the production company DELTA:

Roller table - is an element of a conveyor equipment chain for production line, designed for linear movement of both products and the corresponding process equipment necessary for production. The main working elements are the rollers, due to which the transportation is carried out.

IMG_1050.JPG IMG_1055.JPG

A transborder is an equipment that has elements of roller tables with additional useful functions. One of them is the ability to move products not only in the linear direction along the roller tables, but also the transverse lines of the conveyor, which makes it possible to combine several production lines.

tansbord1.JPG tansbord2.JPG

Lift. In cases when technological transitions are required, and the movement of products supposes large differences in height and can hardly be carried out within the production premises, elevators are usually used. The elevator also contains the elements of roller tables. All this allow you to move products to any given height, and can also serve as an intercepting element of the chain of several conveyor lines located at different heights.

lift1.JPG lift2.JPG

The rotary table is designed to organize the technological flow and is part of the conveyor lines for the movement of production and tooling components around its axis. It allows the technological transitions between conveyor lines, as well as positioning products in the plane for conducting technological operations.

p_stol.jpg p_stol2.jpg

Scissor lift is designed to organize the technological flow and is a part of conveyor lines. It is used when technological transitions are necessary, and the movements of products require differences in height and are difficult to realize within the production premises. A scissor lift can serve as an intercepting element of a chain of several conveyor lines located at different heights.

noj_pod.JPG noj_pod2.JPG 

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