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Installation of equipment

Our experience in the design and manufacture of process equipment allows us to correctly perform assembly and commissioning works for equipment of any complexity and purpose.

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Specialists of our company are ready to perform a full complex of works on installation and adjustment of mechanics, automatics and electrics. Our assembly team consists of experienced specialists, most of them have engineering education and many years of experience in installing a variety of process equipment. The company possesses all necessary tools and equipment to allow you conduct installation in hard-to-reach places and cramped conditions. Also, the company is part of a self-regulatory organization and has access to construction and installation work. As a rule, work on the installation of process equipment is carried out under the supervision of the company - equipment supplier, and often according to their drawings.

One of our advantages is the translation and adaptation of projects of foreign equipment suppliers to the requirements of Russian legislation and the preparation of as-built documentation in accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation.

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